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Website Development

I specialize in building and configuring websites ranging from small blogs to franchised multi-location websites, and just about everything in between. I have experience building and managing an e-commerce product list in a variety of configurations, and while I typically work with Wordpress sites and Shopify themes, I'm familiar with Magento and have worked on several other custom sites as well.

Website Updates

Routine maintenance can often cause unforeseen errors; one minute you're updating a plugin, then the next minute your entire site is down! I've seen it a hundred times. While the solution can sometimes be a simple one, the best way to be sure is to ask a professional. That's me!

Here are a few of the services I provide:

  • Manage and maintain wordpress websites (and their plugins!)
  • Add custom features into your Wordpress or Shopify themes
  • Install and configure new plugins

Custom Development

Sometimes the solution to your problem is just out of reach. Do you need a tedious process automated? Did someone from Customer Support tell you "Here's the API; contact your developer"? They meant me!

My experience is largely focused on Wordpress and Shopify websites. I have developed a number of custom integrations in the past, and am always looking for a new challenge to solve.

Hourly Rate

  • Exact hourly usage is billed
  • Estimates over 10 hours require a 50% deposit
  • No minimum required

Retainer Rate

  • Fully quoted work falls under this category
  • Hours can be renewed monthly/yearly if needed
  • Tasks are completed as requested
  • 3 hour minimum required

Other Services

I have experience with ecommerce websites ranging from building themes, managing product lists, and incorporating product features within sites. I am familiar with implementing code changes to keep up with current SEO practices, in order to improve Google search ranking. I can integrate various third-party API's into new and existing website features. You can see what else I can do on my resume.

If you're interested in any of the services I've described above (or other web services not listed), please get ahold of me with the contact form.