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Welcome to the Web Services Portfolio of Jason Elliott, also known as “Leechdemon” in the online world. With extensive expertise as a seasoned web developer, business consultant, and project manager, I bring a wealth of experience to the dynamic digital landscape.

Whether you’re seeking a sleek and responsive website to elevate your brand, aiming to brainstorm and implement innovative processes for business expansion, or in need of assistance managing an upcoming product release or event – consider it handled. My passion lies in tailoring tech solutions to meet each client’s workflow needs, ensuring efficiency by automating processes and saving valuable time for small business owners. Here is a copy of my Resume for those interested.

Areas of Focus

Whether you're looking for someone to build a new website, or adding features to an existing one - I've got you covered.

While I prefer working on Wordpress sites, I also spend a lot of time working with Shopify sites as well! New Websites and Theme Redesigns typically take 15-40 hours. Factors that increase this time would be a website with a lot of differently-styled page templates, an extensive ecommerce product collection, or a website where brand styling (logos, images, & text) aren't fully-specified.

API Integrations involve taking an existing website and connecting an app or 3rd-party service - shipping software, CaaS/SaaS apps, etc. These typically take 10-20 hours, depending on how involved your usage with the API will be.

Some clients have a working website, and only need to add a feature, or change a logo, etc. This type of work is usually billed hourly, and usually ranges anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours.

Having owned my own ecommerce shop, I know first-hand what types of issues technically arise - and practical solutions to most of them!

In most cases, the goal of consulting work is to reduce labor and/or rework. With this in mind, my approach is to find opportunities for automation of common business practices, and will modify the website to allow for the new methods.

Based on the nature of the process, this type of work is difficult to quote, however clients usually contract 3-5 hours for new projects, with longer sessions upon request.

All projects require an element of Project Management. To me, this work takes two forms: long-Term projects and development management

Long-term projects tend to be upcoming events or new business developments. Maybe your business is holding a conference, and you're having a hard time keeping everything on-schedule while managing theday-to-day of your existing business, and just need an extra hand - that's where I can help!

Development management involves keeping track of what features will be implemented on a website. Typically, this comes up when managing my own development work for clients, however I'm also very capable of managing external teams as well. When combined with my own development work, I typically bill an additional 10% of a project's hours towards Project Management time.

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