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Game – Side Test

Project Date

March 1st, 2022

Technologies Used

C#, Unity

Project Description

I’ve always wanted to design my own videogame. I can remember doodling level designs when I was 10 years old; little platforms for characters to jump on, equip items, and explore.

About a year ago, I was reflecting on this and decided that I basically have every skill necessary to put one of these today; development experience, an extensive background in graphics manipulation… and tons of experience playing them! So, I decided that I wanted to create a game, and see if I could actually pull it off.

I made a plan to do just that, did a little research, and started watching YouTube tutorials on how to create games in Unity. A week into the process, I remembered just how little I care for video tutorials. You just have to dive in, and get your feet wet! I set a goal of creating a short game that could be completed in 5-10 minutes – if I can complete that checkpoint, I’ll have afforded myself a much more robust schedule for a REAL game.

“Side Test” is a 2-week test of all the basic skills I decided I’d need to create a game. It introduces jumping obstacles, some basic enemies, multiple stages, and even a boss. All of the art shown is open-source – meaning someone else created everything you see, I’m just responsible for arranging everything, and making all of the code work. You may see similar Snakes in another game, however this game is 100% unique.

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