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Gesture Drawings – 2

Image Date

November 1st, 2000

Project Description

Most of the female models you'll see during this period were the same woman (I forget her name). I didn't particularly like her - she moved a lot, or would scratch her face 10m into a 1hr pose, and then put her hand in a COMPLETELY different position. That said, some of the other models (the ones with clothes) often moved even more. Oh well!

Other Notes

She also had some very "irregular" shaped anatomy; nothing out of the ordinary, but some parts of the drawings look like I've given her an oddly-shaped feature, and I really hadn't. The thumbnail has the top of her stomach popping out - which it really did. She wasn't large or anything, but her midsection bulged like that. I only mention it because it looks wrong in the drawing, and I distinctly remember this - meaning the drawing is actually doing a great job of portraying what I saw!

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