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“Initials” Variations

Image Date

November 2nd, 1999

Project Description

The assignment was to create a design using our logos, and to see how many of these we could create. I think I've probably made at least 25 of these, but these are all I can seem to find today. If I come across more, I'll definitely update this entry.

Technologies Used

Graphic Design, Marker Rendering

Other Notes

This was created as part of a graphic design class I took at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. This teacher forced us to use shading markers (although the marker rendering class was taken out of the curriculum), and graded us on our marker rendering skills. I was so pissed. That said, there's a huge range of ideas going on here, and some of them came out looking REALLY cool. I don't have a ton of design work I like from this period, but these ones I've always enjoyed.