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Marker Renderings

Image Date

June 1st, 2023

Project Description

Recently I went through and scanned a bunch of artwork I did in college, and looked at what I enjoyed the most, what looked the best, and what I'd like to see more of. Then later, I was at a ComicCon and saw some really awesome pen/ink sketches, and got inspired to practice again. I've tried to spend a few days each week drawing - things I see, doodles, writing, etc. I'm trying to flex my creative side a bit, and work those muscles. I'm hoping that, someday, I may be able to parlay my marker renderings into some sort of texture artwork for a game project in the future - nothing specific, but if I want to use those skills later, I'll need to start developing them now!

Other Notes

I've been trying to work on my techniques, and set myself up a sort of "training curriculum"; some days I practice training my eye through life drawings, sometimes I practice training my imagination through doodles. I practice inkwork and shading, I practice color theory and blending techniques. Not sure what I need most, or what I'll use most, but I'm trying to practice it all and see what I'm good at.