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Photography Assignment

Image Date

October 1st, 1998

Project Description

This project was created during my junior year of high school. The photograph was taken using a 35mm film camera, and I was responsible for the entire process of shooting, developing, and printing, and even framing this photo. "I chose to print this negative ("Triangular Spiral") because I liked the depth of field. I set the object on a piece of poster board and stood over it. I like that the object is interesting because it contains only straight lines, yet you see curved ones." "I chose to print this negative ("Still Life") because of the wide range of values. I set three glasses onto a black cloth and lit it from the side. I also like this picture because of the reflections on the glass."

Technologies Used


Other Notes

If you look closely at my contact sheet, in the lower right hand corner is a kid in a polo doing something weird with his tongue. He was trying to photobomb me while I was playing with the lens, so I took the shot. The guy "sleeping" was definitely pretending, although people were always asleep in art class. The computer on the desk was fairly current at the time. I've got a picture on my contact sheet of someone developing a contact sheet; I've always liked meta stuff, apparently. There's also several pictures of a girl in a Purdue shirt. I have vague memories of "polo shirt guy" seeing me creeping on this girl, and asking me if I wanted him to go over and talk to her, so that I'd have a good excuse to be taking pictures of her, haha. I seem to recall talking with this kid a lot in class; not sure what about. I often think of my time in high school as not containing a lot of friends, but here I am, with photographic evidence of an early wingman at my side. Currently, I have no idea who any of these people are / were.

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