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Rosaries By Jo

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Lead Developer

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March 15th, 2023

Project Description

The client was a recent retiree, looking to begin her retirement career as a jewelry designer. She was already beginning to sell her custom rosaries and bracelets, and needed a place to direct her new customers to. In addition to the website build, the project also involved developing a custom post type ("Rosary") which would allow us to post various product details. These details were displayed on a card above the product, and different categories would control which pages the product was displayed on.

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Other Notes

The client was a close family friend of mine - she actually used to babysit me when I was in elementary school! I had initially presented her with a "good, better, best" proposal - we decided on "good", and started building. Unfortunately, the project changed shapes (and domain names...) several times throughout the process, and the project scope quickly ballooned. Several features were added after others were completed, and some larger design elements were changed after the rest of the site was built out. Most of the design elements were requested by the client, and some of the elements don't really follow "industry standards". However, her clientele is not very web-savvy, and so the actual functionality was more important than doing "what's commonly done". In the end, her business has been growing, so something must be working!