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SAE Poster Contest

Image Date

February 18th, 1999

Project Description

The assignment was to create a poster for the 1999 SAE event that was held. We had to include the text provided, and use an image that represents the theme. According to my framed award letter, the award also included a $100 US Savings Bond. I think that makes this the first time I earned money for a piece of work I created. Bright futures ahead for that kid!

Technologies Used

3D Modeling, Photoshop

Other Notes

This design is... not great. I think the only reason it really one was that I was a high schooler using 3d modeling as part of compositions, and way back in 1999. Also, interestingly, the extremely awkward pose I was doing when receiving this reward ABSOLUTELY looks like a post my son does all the time. I have no idea why I'm doing this.

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