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Self Portrait – 2020 Edition

Image Date

December 8th, 2020

Project Description

I was looking at my profile picture recently, and it suddenly dawned on me that it's probably about 12 years old now! Clearly, it was time to update it. Since I was in middle of this site redesign, I decided to stick to the same basic elements; development projects, creative work, and personal projects. Then, time to get silly with the camera! I snapped a few shots, tried to stop worrying about taking awkward selfies into a camera without a front-facing screen, and sat down to see if I had anything usable. In addition to incorporating website theme colors into this image, I also wanted to make sure it had all of my basic "stuff"; I incorporated some PHP code in the background for "development", the camera is in the foreground for "creative", and I'm wearing my headphones, because, well... I always do. ;)

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