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Shading & Texture

Image Date

November 1st, 1999

Project Description

Early Art School class where I studied shading, design, layout. We had a few assignments where we'd sketch something, then come back later and shade it. Both halves of the assignment were graded. I feel like this was a good exercise and helped me break down projects more easily - even if it's common sense. One assignment in particular stood out. "Draw your favorite type of music". I drew Industrial music, and mixed elements of organic, chaotic fire with a steady, regular gear tooth. I remember this looking much cooler, but the idea was there.

Other Notes

I really enjoyed this class. This was from my second semester at art school, and most of the classes up until that point felt like "fancy high school"; English, Math, Art History, etc. This was an art class, the professor did some really nice paint work, and I finally felt like I was going to learn the good stuff. I made a lot of great friends in the class, including one roommate!

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