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A quick tool to track initiative for Pen-and-Paper games.

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Known Issues

  • Make "same init sorting" more transparent. Currently uses hidden decimal sorting.

Features (AKA, Fixed Issues):

  • Buffs can now be individually removed.
  • Tooltips work on all players
  • Deleting a player, then adding a player no longer breaks AddBuff, RerollInit
  • "Reset Init" button zeroes init, clears NPC's, restarts Rounds
  • Differentiates Player / Enemy
  • Players with multiple buffs expiring the same round don't lose both buffs.
  • Setting an initiative below 0 kills a player.
  • Initiative can be manually reset.
  • Player order can be changed to allow "Delaying" or sorting by Dex.
  • Buffs auto-expire after their duration, don't count current round as "round 1".
  • Adding players in mid-combat doesn't affect pointed position of "current round".
  • Getting to the top of the order increments "Round"