Blog - December 8th, 2023

I’ve been staying in “Focus Mode” the past for the past two days, and it’s been weird.

I’m still talking to people, but (in theory…) I’m choosing the conversations I’m having. This leaves me feeling like I’m missing out on conversations that are out there… but then I hop out of focus mode, and I’ve missed nothing. Some of the things I’ve missed don’t even matter so much after-the-fact; group chats, notifications that have resolved soon after. There’s probably a giant lesson in that. I’m sure I’ll learn it eventually…

I still find that I’m getting a ton of notifications. I’m working to reduce those; alarm fatigue is still a huge thing for me, I’m noticing. Maybe if my phone didn’t buzz every 3 minutes from some random, pointless email, I’d be more focused on the alarms I’m setting for myself, or my calendar blocks, or whatever.

And, maybe not, who knows.

But it seems like a worthy goal, just the same. Reducing the interruptions can’t have a negative effect on me, unless I’m missing things that are urgent. There’s probably ways around those, I just don’t need to worry about them just yet, or until something actually comes up. People that need to reach me can know about how to bypass the focus mode; and, honestly, even that is probably a self-imposed “assumptive accommodation”; who the hell am I, that people absolutely NEED to reach me every minute of every day? Nobody, honestly, that’s who.

Maybe that’s the lesson.

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Blog - December 8th, 2023

I've been staying in "Focus Mode" the past for the past two days, and it's been weird. I'm still talking to people, but (in theory...) I'm choosing the conversations I'm having. This leaves me feeling like I'm missing out on conversations that are... Read More