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Castle Project

Image Date

May 21st, 1999

Project Description

A 3d rendered image of a castle I modeled as a senior in high school. The castle doesn't look like my first sketch, but it was on the page before my other plans, so it must have been important... Following that, we have an image that was used to plan out the building; a front courtyard, a receiving hall, the rest of the building.

Other Notes

On the final page, I've drawn out some of the interior rooms. If you look closely, you'll see a series of dots and numbers; at one point, I had modeled and rendered each of those images. All of the photos lived on a website, and at the bottom of each page was arrows pointing Left, Straight, and Right. Every single image was linked together, allowing the user to orient themselves, and actually navigate the model. I had recently played Myst, and was very excited to build my own little worlds. I'd love to find that site someday... but unfortunately, I think it was last seen on Fortune City or Geocities or something, haha.

Additional Images