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City Environment

Image Date

July 1st, 2009

Project Description

A "geotypical" city in the midwest (definitely no Ann Arbor buildings here...). The goal was to create a series of modular buildings with various paint schemes so that we could do urban testing for our vehicle simulator. These would mostly be used for product shots and close-ups.

Technologies Used

3D Modeling, Low Poly, Texture Mapping

Other Notes

The tall brick building was actually the building the window in my office faced; I looked at this building every single day, haha. When deciding what buildings to model, this one came up in many of our conversations, so it made an appearance. Later versions of some of these models featured windows which all pointed in slightly different directions, giving it an authentic "imperfect" look in certain conditions. The team liked this because it was distracting, which only happens in more well-planned simulators.

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