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Fabric Design

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Project Date

October 1st, 2013

Project Description

After spending several years seeing what fabrics were popular with the customer of Pink Castle Fabrics, we started noticing some common trends – low volume prints, text prints, coordinating (but not “matching”) colors – and there was a surprising lack of purple. After a few conversations at Quilt Market, we got a fabric line with RJR Fabrics, and ended up designing 5 collections in total.

The prints were largely vintage reproductions from the 1940’s. Brenda selected the source prints and the colorways, and I would recreate them in Illustrator, tweak the scales and repeats, adjust the colors, and submit everything to the printer.

The process was really interesting to learn about, and it was exciting to see a print I’d created show up in someone’s finished quilt at the shop.

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