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Project Date

September 25th, 2022

Project Description

Produce is a game I spent roughly 10 weeks Working on. The idea was that I wanted to complete a project before the holidays started, so I came up with an idea I thought could be completed in that span of time.

The concept was that you’d grow a tomato plant, and as the plant grew you’d spend money from selling tomatoes on upgrading the plant. This would repeat exponentially, until eventually you unlocked all the upgrades. I designed it as a mobile game, and learned a ton about the process – what took the most time, how wacky mobile aspect ratios are, and how hard UI’s are to create.

I ran out of time, and the project eventually grew stale. I may try to pick this up again at some point, but for now, I have a fairly well-documented weekly progress:

Week 0 – Basic Concept Sketch:

Week 1 – Early Test showing growth structure:

Week 2 – Revised the growth Flow Chart, updates:

Week 3 – (vacation)

Week 4 – Geometry sketch, animation test:

Week 5 – Added UI, Animation updates:

Week 6 – Modeling / Animation improvements, growth updates

Week 7 – Game Balance, UI, Upgrade System

Week 8 – Aspect ratio, Updates, Menu System