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Monthly Clubs

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Project Date

August 8th, 2012

Project Description

At Pink Castle Fabrics, we offered a variety of monthly clubs to our customers. Customers would sign up for various clubs from the website, have their card automatically billed each month, and receive a curated bundle of coordinating fabrics!

These clubs were great for our shop for a number of reasons. First, they ley us anticipate how many customers we had for each product, months ahead of time. Second, the batch-work made the labor costs go down. And finally, we were able to use the feedback from these clubs to help guide our purchases throughout the season.

Because of the scale of these clubs (some had as many as 300 customers), we very quickly needed to scale up our website. I taught myself PHP, and learned how to coordinate our website, recurring billing software, and our shipping software. It took 4 full days to get things working.. after which, it saves me 4 days of work EACH MONTH. Also, this was roughly when I decided to begin learning more about web development.

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