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PCF Brick & Mortar

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Project Date

January 1st, 2013

Project Description

When Pink Castle Fabrics was created, we had no idea it would become so big. What started in our guest room soon spilled over into the hallway and living room. I reorganized the basement, and put a few shelves in a small office downstairs. A few months later, shelves and counters took over our entire 1400sqft basement, employees were making food in our kitchen, customer service worked out of the dining room, and the living room / stairwell were our “Shipping/Receiving” areas. We’d even get customers showing up to our house at random times on weeknights and weekends – it was kind of a mess.

Pink Castle Fabrics moved into it’s first brick-and-mortar location soon after, and our business really began to flourish! We had retail/warehouse hours, and the customers began pouring in from other cities, states – we even had customers drive down from Canada, just to see our shop! We changed buildings after a few years, and moved into a more permanent location in Ann Arbor, where we stayed for 6 more years until the business eventually closed.

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