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Project Date

March 1st, 2011

Project Description

Pink Castle Fabrics began as a small Etsy shop in 2011, but quickly outgrew Etsy’s limitations (and fees!). The website was first built on Magento, and later rebuilt using Shopify.

I redesigned the website in 2018, after a series of changes at Shopify made our existing website theme difficult to maintain. This, plus the need to redesign the website for a more responsive layout for mobile users, meant it was time to upgrade. The screenshots shown here were taken during this rebuilding period, and the site was largely unchanged until the shop eventually closed.

During this rebuild, the newsletter and blog were both rethemed to coordinate. I had also added support for other popular features in our shop, including a thread-picking tool that allowed users to find similar sized threads in other colors (or the same color thread in other sizes), a grouping tool that allowed users to compare/contrast different sewing machine features (or view solids among multiple brands at once), and more.

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