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Web Services

Greetings, I’m Jason Elliott, also known online as “Leechdemon“. As a seasoned web developer, business consultant, and project manager, I bring a wealth of experience to the digital landscape.

Whether you’re looking for a sleek and responsive website to showcase your brand, need to brainstorm and implement new processes for business growth, or need help managing an upcoming product release or event – I’ve got you covered. My passion lies in finding the right tech solution for each client’s workflow needs, and ensuring that they’re not wasting their labor on a process which can be automated. I enjoy saving small business owners time, and taking one more hassle out of their day! And for anyone interested, here is a copy of my Resume.

From web development that seamlessly integrates user experience with cutting-edge design, to consulting services that streamline your process, and project management that guarantees timely and successful outcomes – each service is a reflection of my dedication to improving your process, as well as your success. If you’re interested in discussing how to make your digital goals become reality, contact me and we’ll navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the online world together!

Areas of Focus

My work includes the following services:


Theme Design

Theme design is one of my favorite things to do. Building themes from the ground-up can be a lot of fun, but I also enjoy adding small features that provide key benefits to a client's website.

Theme Design usually ranges from 15-40 hours, depending on the complexity of the project. Also, more time can be spent gathering text and images, which can add to the total project time.

Sample Work:

View all of my Theme Design work here .

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API Integration

Want your website to talk to your CRM? Sometimes there's a plugin for it, but if not, you'll need an API.

API Integrations are typically 10-50 hours, which entirely depends on how much you're trying to do with your API.

Sample Work:

View all of my API Integration work here .

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Back-End Development

Want to add a new feature to your website? Need a tool to help customers know what to buy? Back-End Development lets you add whatever you'd like!

Unfortunately, Back-End Development can't be estimated without knowing what I'm trying to do. If you'd like an estimate, contact me and I'd be happy to discuss it with you!

Sample Work:

View all of my Back-End Development work here .

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Front-End / Javascript

Change the color of your website, hide blocks of text for mobile users, add a filter to a shopping cart, create an interactive tool to help your customers know what to buy. We can do anything you can think of, if you feel like spending enough time on it.

Depending on the scale of what you'd like to change, this can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 30 hours.

Sample Work:

View all of my Front-End / Javascript work here .

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Business Consulting

Many business owners wear a lot of hats - as a former ecommerce business owner, I get it. Often times, spending a few hours discussing your current business practices with a third party can help expose some opportunities for you to save money - or gain revenue! Having another set of skilled eyes looking at your practices will help keep your business meeting your goals.

Business Consulting is billed at a standard Hourly Rate.

Sample Work:

View all of my Business Consulting work here .

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Project Management

Trying to launch a new product, but having a difficult time contacting vendors and managing revisions? Want to run an event, but need someone to keep all your dates/flights/contracts straight? Let me do that for you!

This service also includes basic communication time between myself and the client; emailed questions, status updates, billing time, etc.

Project management for Development projects is typically quoted as 10% of a projects budget, but exact usage is billed (with a 10-minute minimum).

Sample Work:

View all of my Project Management work here .

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My Process

Paying for work isn't fun, but it's necessary (or, so says my landlord...).

Theme Redesigns, API Integrations, and other projects with clear objectives are usually quoted in advance.

  • After a short interview process (either in-person, by email, or via zoom), an estimate is provided.
  • Projects over 10 hours in duration require a 50% non-refundable deposit.
  • Status updates are provided at key stages in the process, with "current hours" provided for transparency.
  • When the original scope of the project is complete, a "final bill" is sent, which covers the actual time spent on the project (less the initial deposit).
  • Additional work can be completed after this point, however it is billed as "Ongoing Work".

"Ongoing Work" is billed after-the-fact, as needed.

  • Exact hourly usage is billed.
  • Hours updates are provided during regular communications only, or by request.
  • Invoices are sent monthly for all outstanding balances.

Have more questions? Contact me!.

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Monthly Retainers

Retainer customers are billed monthly for an agreed-upon number of hours. Retainer customers enjoy the following benefits:

  • Retainers have a 3 hour monthly minimum.
  • Retainer customers don't pay for Project Management hours.
  • Hours roll-over to the following month (3-month maximum).

To learn more about retainer contracts, contact me.

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Development Rate

  • Exact hourly usage is billed
  • Estimates over 10 hours require a 50% deposit
  • 5 hour minimum required

Consulting Rate

  • Exact hourly usage is billed, with a 10 minute minimum
  • 3 hour minimum required

Project Management Rate

  • Exact hourly usage is billed, with a 10 minute minimum
  • All project estimates assume a minimum 10% PM cost

Have a project? Got an idea you want to bounce off me?

Drop me a line!